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About the Founders  
Gene and Terri Sibbett are the  
 founders of Rescue the Kids.
   For seven years, Mr. Sibbett 
   worked in community
  protection in monitored homes
 of sex-offenders.
He also helped CPS and Police capture several registered sex-offenders who were ultimately sentenced to Federal prison. Mr. Sibbett states, "community protection was a tough job but we had to keep the community safe from these repeat offenders."
Terri also worked with this same organization. With seven young children of their own the Sibbett's knew it was critical to keep children safe. These experiences eventually led them to develop Acclaim Films and Rescue the Kids.
The couple have a diverse background. Terri was raised in a very small town of 300 in Southern Idaho. She worked as the bookkeeper of a real estate firm as well as two insurance companies. She now manages a large self storage center and has for nearly 17 years.
Gene was raise on a farm and ranch in Idaho working with his father and brothers while growing up. In his adult years he worked with his father on the ranch in the daytime and played music at night for over 22 years. He played steadily, usually 3 nights per week, and as much as 6 nights per week for many years and also produced dozens of advertising jingles.
After his fathers passing, and as a lifelong musician and producer, it seemed natural that the family would move to Nashville where he produced albums with industry notables, such as; Roy Clark, TG Sheppard, Collin Raye, Daryle Singletary, Juice Newton, Paul Overstreet and numerous others.
Ultimately he headed Nashville Records label for over 17 years, alongside his best friend and advisor, Joe Mansfield.
Mr. Mansfield was the marketing guru behind the biggest names with hundreds of gold and platinum records. A few of these names include Garth Brooks, Journey, Willie Nelson, Michael Jackson, Chicago, Aerosmith and dozens more. He was often referred to as, "the Steven Spielberg of the music industry."
Unfortunately, Mr. Mansfield passed but not before he and Sibbett founded Acclaim Films, which is registered in Utah and Tennessee.
Three of Gene and Terri's children stayed in the Western United States and eventually their other four children left Nashville to live in the west as well.
Gene and Terri's 7 children have a combined 14 children of their own. Terri wanted to move closer to the grand kids so the couple left Nashville for Salt Lake City area.
    About Rescue the Kids  



Our company, Acclaim Films, set a goal to create movies that raise awareness to the heinous crime of child trafficking. Not only was our team passionate but we quickly discovered our actors and actresses were also passionate about the cause.

Therefore, we established our own 501c3 tax exempt charitable organization known as Rescue The Kids. founders draw no salary and donates 100% of the net funds to these rescuing organizations.

We believe movies will be one of the best ways to raise awareness to this heinous crime and we invite you to join us in this most noble cause.









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